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Traditional Vintage Style

$2,000 OBO

If you are looking for a dock you can make into your own, this unique find on Lake Blue Ridge is just for you!  This style was once popular before the bigger docks became stylish.  The steel frame is still in good condition and able to handle remodeling to transform this dock into a unique look for your shoreline.


Upper deck has potential

This upper deck is solid, however reconditioning is recommended.  The boards are worn, but has no holes or missing boards. 

image0 (2).jpeg

Single slip inside view 

This single slip dock is more the traditional style that used to be common on Lake Blue Ridge.  Still seen on Lake Lanier, this is one of few docks still around that has this configuration.  


Reflotation recommended

Float replacement is recommended- solid steel frame has kept the original floats in place, however after years of love and weather, it is now time to exchange the orginials for some new floatation to give this dock a lift. 

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