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Redefining the Lakefront

Maximum longevity is achieved through time tested engineering and superior craftsmanship practices. Our products are imitated but unmatched.  Considering the forces mother nature inflicts, the fluctuations of our reservoir systems, and the wakes created by pleasure crafts, our docks have remained in place for over twenty years.


 Confidence is key when mooring your craft on the water. 
Check out some of the styles below to get a feel for the layout that best suits your individual needs.

The Gable

Classic design, unmatched durability

Made with 4" octagon posts, this classic dock may be straight forward, but it is far from simple. Customizable to your specifications for the best fit of your docking requirements.


The Hip

Finesse at its finest 

The Hip roof brings a more distinguished look to your dock, commonly paired with a cupola and adorned with a weather vane or finial.While the cupola is purely aesthetic, we do also offer a functional vented option to reduce uplift on larger roofs or areas known for microbursts.


The Upper Deck

The beginning of your fun in the sun!

With different sizes and styles available to choose from, creating a uniquely personalized dock has never been easier! We specialize in designing and building high quality products for a variety of styles- this is the classic upper-deck complete with a jump gate and cable handrailing.

upper deck again_edited.jpg

The Combo Upper Deck 

Unsurpassed Individuality

As the pride of ML Docks this combination upper deck dock is the only one of its kind with true barn-style trusses.  Easily emulated but not yet duplicated, this dock style combines esthetics with a side-shed style roof as well as the upper lounging area.


Porches & Decks

Exquisite Craftsmanship

ML Docks proprietary DRDII is an extruded aluminum flooring product designed to fit snuggly together to keep out debris and water.  It has a durable powder coated, slip resistant, painted surface that doesn't absorb heat like wood or composite, and is available in four different colors.


ML Walkways

Unsurpassed durability

An ML Docks walkway comes with the same lifetime craftsmanship warranty as their docks- and can be ordered as an extension to a current ML walkway, or a complete replacement for an existing walkway.  Custom lengths available in their four decking colors.

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